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Our Experience Has Taught Us and In Our Own Words, including shorter excerpts of these works, are available royalty-free for performances by 12-step groups and non-profit service organizations serving the 12-step community, that meet the following conditions:

  • Written permission from the author is obtained in advance of rehearseals.
  •  Any desired changes made to the script, including omissions, additions or alterations, are subject to advance approval by the author.
  •  The author is credited by first name and last initial, as “Jackie B.” and the “Note on Post-Humous Anonymity” is made available to the audience in a performance program or prominently displayed in the performance venue.

This play is also available for public performances by non-profit or commercial theater companies. Please contact the author in advance of rehearsals to arrange a royalty agreement.  

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Recovery Works Theater is based in San Francisco and the cast and crew of the tour productions of Our Experience Has Taught Us and In Our Own Words, directed by the author herself, present these plays frequently as benefits for local service organizations in Northern and Southern California.   The full production or an abridged performance of excerpts may also be available at various times of the year to perform at conferences and fundraisers. There is no commission or performance fees for twelve step Intergroups, General Service Districts or non-profit service organizations in California. Tour performances outside of California may require a fee to help with travel expenses. Please contact the author for more information.