I AM RESPONSIBLE. The third installment in the Three Legacies Trilogy, this new play explores the myriad ways AA's world service structure carries a message of hope to alcoholics around the world. I am Responsible takes audiences in recovery on a sweeping journey from the birth of the Big Book through the struggle for the General Service Conference and the emergence of the Twelve Concepts. Two Acts.

OUR EXPERIENCE HAS TAUGHT US: A SENSATIONAL HISTORY OF OUR TWELVE TRADITIONS. The second installment of the Three Legacies Trilogy, Our Experience Has Taught Us dramatizes the experiences of the first A.A. groups in Ohio, New York and California. Powerful and entertaining, this play brings to life the often comical and sometimes tragic experiences that led to the adoption of the Twelve Traditions. Our Experience Has Taught Us is an unforgettable journey into group histories, celebrating the precious unity of Alcoholics Anonymous. Two Acts. To request a PDF of the script, click here. To purchase a souvenir script from Atlanta, click here

IN OUR OWN WORDS: PIONEERS OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. In Our Own Words brings to life the pages of the Big Book, The AA Grapevine and the recordings of the pioneers of Alcoholics Anonymous. Simply, and with great humor and depth, the play retells the stories of the founders in New York, Akron, Cleveland and Los Angeles. Going further into A.A.'s history, In Our Own Words also shares the lesser-known struggles of the pioneering members of special composition groups in the fellowship, including the first women and young people in AA, as well as early gay, African-American and Latino members. Join men and women like Marty M. (New York), Sybil C. (Los Angeles), Barry L. (New York), Joe McQ. (Little Rock), and many more, on their search for a solution and acceptance in the rooms.  One Act. To request a PDF of the script, click here.

OF INTEREST TO YOU. Spanning four decades of history, this one act play celebrates the friendship and legacy of A.A. co-founders, Bill W. and Dr. Bob S.  Jumping back and forth through time, from the First International Convention in 1950 to the fellowship's roots in Akron in 1935 and the Bill W. Anniversary Dinner in New York in 1970, “Of Interest to You” dramatizes the personal and profound impact of Bill W. and Dr. Bob’s partnership. One Act. 

NO SOFTER WAY. A recovering addict and sex worker moves back to her hometown, a small truck stop community in Central California, to start over again. Learning "wherever we go, we bring ourselves" this play is one woman's story of losing herself and finding grace. Two Acts.