Recovery Works Theater (RWT) is a San Francisco-based touring company dedicated to sharing the experience, strength and hope of people who are recovering from addiction. Inspired by the principle of “one alcoholic working with another,” the plays of Artistic Director Jackie B. are written for audiences in recovery and performed by an ensemble of their fellows.

The mission of RWT is to help the alcoholic and addict, who chronically suffer from a sense of not-belonging and isolation, discover a home in the recovery community by passing on our shared stories, including the history of the twelve-step movement in the United States. We create a living connection between the personal experiences of our artists and audiences and the lives of the recovered alcoholics and addicts who came before us.

We believe that theater is the ideal medium for this discovery of community to take place. It is a setting in which we open ourselves to not just hearing stories but experiencing them, where we seek not only to understand but also to identify. This process of identification, used widely in the modern treatment of addiction, nurtures a sense of oneness with others that springs from a shared goal, a shared memory and a shared hope.

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2018 ENSEMBLE:  Abe W., Anna V., Aundry B., Chris C., Eric E., Heather S., James S., Kathryn W., Keli M., Peter G., Peter M., Ralph C., Sean B., Tony W. and Vanessa R.

ADVISORY BOARD: Jackie B., Peter G, Heather S., Laurel S., James S. and Peter M.